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Your priority is your business; let Splaced's priority be your real estate.

  • Do you have multiple office or retail locations, but not so many that you want to hire a full time director of real estate? In my experience, absent a dedicated person or firm for lease administration, costly errors can occur.

  • Have you found that brokers are excellent during the lease transaction, but sometimes cannot offer ongoing lease administration at a reasonable cost? Though some firms engage brokers for lease administration and strategy, this is not truly their focus - the initial lease transaction is. 

  • Do you find your CFO or other executives spending considerable time managing your real estate needs, time that could be reclaimed for your core business functions? Though executives are capable of managing lease administration functions, this is infrequently the best use of their time.

  • Are you looking for a better way to manage your lease obligations other than on an Excel spreadsheet, which carries considerable risk of error? Without diligent oversight, these documents are ill-suited for tracking portfolios of leased locations.

If so, consider getting Splaced. Splaced can offer:

Full lease administration services

Project management

Lease execution management

Workplace planning and forecasting

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